Žirovcova jama – the photo story still hasn’t ended

Lately, I’ve been going to only a few select caving destinations. If it’s not the ice cave on Viševnik it is the Žirovcova jama. And maybe somewhere in between something exotic. Žirovcova jama is long, so you can’t really handle it in one go. This time, we decided to overtake the interesting detail in the north parts of the cave with the name of Deep Furrow, where you reach the lowest point of the cave, and for the finale, we checked out the south part of the cave. And because Milan didn’t have time to lead us to the far away ends, we relied on Bole’s compass – which was apparently broken.

2012-05-13 IMG_1329

The access to Deep Furrow is really not difficult and you don’t even get too dirty. But everything changes as soon as you clamp yourself into the rope and get over the first few meters of the level. To make everything more pleasant, you’re watered by the nicely chilled stream, which was, at the time of our visit, even more refreshing due to the strong rainfall of the past day.

2012-05-13 IMG_1351

But the bottom where we found ourselves wasn’t the real Deep Furrow, even though the look of it was promising. Milan mentioned a 60 meter drop, of which there was no trace here. At the end of this narrow cranny, the only thing that awaited us was a small waterfall, which nicely rounded up the ambience. It became clear to us that this wasn’t it, so we quickly packed up our things and went to the Doormouse Rink.

2012-05-13 IMG_1412

Later, Milan told us that in the cranny, we should have swung to a window and went through to the reall Deep Furrow. There, the shaft doesn’t end, so we could have taken advantage and took photographs for a longer period of time. Well, what we did up until we reached the abyss at the entrance was more than enough for a short, quite nice photographing action, in which we photographed a few details, which I had left for later days a while ago.

2012-05-13 IMG_1551

Even so, we tried to finish up in the south part. Here, our compass failed us again, as according to Milan’s later telling, we missed most of the shaft. Well, the next photo action surely won’t happen without Milan. Warm weather awaited us outside, and again I was honored with a photo, this time taken by Bole. This time I’m showing you one where I’m pulling an ugly face in a very dirty suit (it’s actually orange).

2012-05-13 IMG_1609

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