Žirovcova jama, photo trip – as usual

The classic repertoire of the past few years is, of course, photographing the Žirovcova jama. It has gained as many kilometers as a beggar has lice, and we will surely leave it immortalized. This time the plan was supposedly easy, at least according to Milan. We’ll descend to the excavated entrance, have a peek in the “Bakšev rov” and circle around the labyrinth around “Svetilnik”, then come back by the same route.

2012-01-09 IMG_9132

Well, the whole team’s persuasion to change the end point added a few additional hours to the plan, but we really didn’t want to crawl up the nasty hill that leads to the excavated entrance. We did peek at the nice “Bakšev rov” at first, where a caver can gain enthusiasm for the precisely outlined passage over the starting strait.

2012-01-09 IMG_9209

The passage is interrupted by a few beautiful sinter barriers and decorations, where, towards the end of the meander, a quite big and handsome stalactite is rising. Here, Milan tried to shine with interesting acrobaticts and hoped for my approval, which he got in the end, but the photo will end up in my personal archive. Sadly, the passage ends with an impassable strait and forces the caver to return by the same route.

2012-01-09 IMG_9259

Our path led us through the usual paths, which isn’t always as easy as it sounds in this cave. It has happened many times that cavers wandered through the ditches and unknowingly, made circles and came back to the same spots. Without a connoisseur like Milan it isn’t safe to go into the cave, as the passages are really as similar as mud to mud.

2012-01-09 IMG_9357

Fortunately, the boringness of the same tunnels is interrupred by a lake or a body of stalactite decoration. In these kinds of caves, where there is a lack of such kitsch, a caver is usually glad to see even a few more boring formations. Let alone a photographer! At some tubes he can have fun for a while, as digital technology allows him to do so. Well, when the first trace of ‘could-you-finally-stop-now’ becomes visible on the faces of the caving models (not excluding female ones, of course), it is of course time to go.

2012-01-09 IMG_9381

2012-01-09 IMG_9426

Time was, again, rushing us, as we were chasing after a pizza on Vrhnika. Many times we have been let down because of bad timing, which usually happened after the visit of Ferranova buža. Then, we could only wish each other a safe trip with sour faces and drove directly home. But, those are extremes. After this time’s action, the pizza didn’t escape… To wrap up, here’s a photo of the photographer after a successful action. Yes, I’m rarely photographed like this…

2012-01-09 IMG_9590

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