About Peter Gedei

Experienced cave photographer from Slovenia. Lives and works in Ljubljana and is a member of Speleo Club Železničar since 1987. After first attempts he has been seriously involved with cave photography in the 90’s and since then the camera always accompanies him on every cave trip. He received numerous awards on domestic and international contests and published photographies in magazines, books and calendars. On the last contest in Slovenia he won the first prize among 8500 received photographies. He regularly publish stories from different caving trips. As experienced caver he visited some of the deepest and longest caves in Slovenia, and also in other European countries. He is also involved with 3D stereo photography and video, co-founder of Place3D production group, member of La Salle 3D Team and editor of Slovenian cave magazine Jamar. He works as a designer at computer monthly magazine Monitor.

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