The train is driving me into… the cave

July 17, 2012

I don’t usually take photos in tourist caves. I don’t actually know why. When I started with cave photography, I thought it was the simplest to take a photo in a tourist cave. It generally is, if you don’t complicate things and use the given lighting, but that’s usually pretty bad and the colour temperature of all of the lights usually does its own thing. Bad lighting usually equals a bad photo, that’s the way it goes. But there is of course another option with a combination of the given lighting and the one you bring yourself, with which you pull out your hair, get angry about the lights, try to control them and generally complicate your life. Usually a normal person doesn’t feel like doing that, but it is worth it.

IMG_0046 1-0 sRGB Lo 700

Of course, I couldn’t resist the call from Postojnska cave. With this year’s anniversary of the cave train, there was a newer photo missing, perhaps from a different part of the cave than we were used to up until now. In the end, two locations came into play and the time came to call the passengers, to gather a team and to sort the equipment.

IMG_0165 2-2 lo 700

The photograph first came to life at the tourist convention in Milan in the size of 4×5 meters, while these days you can spot it in some jumbo frames, mostly in bigger tourist cities in Slovenia. On the Portorož beach you can even ride in an improvised cabin, totally luxurious!


Thanks to the team, Sten, Bara and Andrej…

IMG_0249 700


  1. Comment by Dave Bunnell

    Dave Bunnell Reply July 19, 2012 at 21:15

    Hi Peter,

    Nice photos of the trains in Postojna. I remember riding them years ago, and thinking that if I hadn’t ducked in a few spots or kept my arms in that could have been injured. I thought, the lawyers would never allow this in the USA! But its a fun ride and we used it to get somethwere in the back to go off trail. An amazing cave.

    I know English is not your first language, so check your spelling above where you say “bad lightning makes for a bad photo.” A dangerous one at that, as lightning is the weather event, and you mean to say “lighting”

    I have been shooting for a local show cave here recently and just built them a web site using the photos. check it out:

    • Comment by peterg

      peterg Reply July 19, 2012 at 22:57

      Thanks Dave…

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