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Photo of the day of the National Geographic website

The website of the National Geographic magazine is surely one of the most visited websites. The daily visit probably goes up to a five- or even a six-digit number, as they brag about having visits from a crowd of over 20 million people per month. One of the popular sections of the website is the […]

The train is driving me into… the cave

I don’t usually take photos in tourist caves. I don’t actually know why. When I started with cave photography, I thought it was the simplest to take a photo in a tourist cave. It generally is, if you don’t complicate things and use the given lighting, but that’s usually pretty bad and the colour temperature […]

Slovenia Press Photo 2012

In early March, the fourth festival of journalistic and documentary photography came to an end. The organization of the even was, as for all of the years up until now, in the hands of the Institute for the Promotion of Photography of the never tired Matej Leskovšek and his team. Attendance is mandatory for every […]

The first international meeting of cave photographers in France

So it finally came. And passed. In the second to last week of August, the first meeting of cave photographers took place in the ancient and picturesque city of Olargues in the south of France. The initial idea, which blossomed for almost two years, probably gave quite a few gray hairs to the organising committee. […]

3D rays in Škocjanske jame

A beautiful game of nature takes part in the late fall and early spring time in Schmidl’s hall in world famous Škocjanske jame. The hall, where at the end of the turist trail, you feel the cold chill for the last time, has to impress you with its size, but what can you do, when […]

How we pulled the caver out of the abyss a.k.a. the fairytale about the turnip

Do you still remember the story of the grandmother and grandfather who, with the help of animals, pulled a giant turnip out of the ground? And they only did it with the help of a small mouse? Well, we did something similar some time ago with a caver – Erzo, except of course he didn’t […]