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Calendars for the next year and cave fairies

Perhaps the calendars are already worn out form of publishing photographs, but they certainly remain one of the most popular. They are always handy, on the wall, the photo is visible all month, and finally, you can save it and scroll through it any time. For cave photographers, the most interesting calendars with cave topics […]

What is hidden in the cube – the eternal works of Janez Grom

What is hidden in a cube, a simple geometric element with identically long sides? Janez Grom sought the answer to this question in his creations, with his countless creative approaches to drilling and milling. When we look at the cube, it is different every time, let it be due to the angle of view or […]

A bit longer review of posts and awards

The year 2016, already far away, was almost entirely linked to the Škocjan Caves.Besides to the 3D project that started in the distant year of 2008 and I finally finished it in the year 2016, there were some additional challenges. The reason was the upcoming celebration of the round anniversary of the entry of the […]

Two first prizes at the 3D festival Stereoskop

This weekend ended first 3D festival Stereoskop in Brno, Czech Republic. Beside 3D video projections they also organized 3D photo competition in two categories, Nature & Landscapes and Macro. The jury consisted of top 3D video and photographic experts, who provided a selection of technically correct 3D photographies. This will give the festival credibility and […]

Publications and awards – NG France, Spelunca and more …

This year’s harvest of caving expeditions was not very rich, but  nonetheless some visual material came to be in printed form. The best publication in all respects is certainly photo-documented cave-diving expeditions to the french Padirac cave, which was published in the french edition of National Geographic magazine. There we were, together with Boštjan and […]

David VS Goliath

My mind often wanders to Olympus OM4-T, which kept me company for longer than a decade. Even today, I still pick it up sometimes, put it against my cheek and sigh at the wonderful view through the eyepiece. No auto focus, no ON/OFF switch, only masterful mechanics and optics. With fixed lens it never took […]


The members of the caving club Železničar like to cultivate tradition in all its shapes and forms. The most frequent are, of course, the traditional hang outs, which represent one of the main points of the club life. The newest members have to traditionally defend themselves during Luciferovanje, while the older ones can see the […]

Summer posting

The summer months have accumulated so many publications in the press, they definitely deserve to be mentioned on the blog as well. A new 3D project joined the caving ones after a long lull, which was taken care of by Place3D, of course, and the ones that were brave enough to publish it were the […]

TV show about my photographic work

TV show about my photographic work in caves was aired in december on national TV station RTV Ljubljana. It was produced as one of the stories in TV show for foreign viewers called Slovenian Magazine. Instead in Slovene it is in English language, therefore understandable for everybody. Please, enjoy…

Caves with unspoken names

There are caves, which should not be spoken of. There are also caves of which we speak, but we withhold the name. And there are also caves whose names are known, but their beauty is, despite the guardianship, gone. They are soiled with mud, written over in graffiti, bruised and destroyed, some accidentally, others on […]